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"The Health Ministry of the General Baptist Convention of North Carolina is committed to achieving optimal well-being for the Convention, its members and the broader community..."

The Center for Health and Healing is a non-profit affiliate of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (GBSC). This volunteer association (GBSC) consists of approximately 1,500 churches and 500,000 congregation members throughout NC. The GBSC Health Ministry began with the 1970's in response to a need for a need to address the health concerns for church and community members. The Center, in partnership with the Office of Health and Human Services (OHHS) and its parent (GBSC), will continue the care agenda of enabling churches to engage in health promotion in effective and efficient ways. The Center for Health and Healing hosts a variety of projects and initiatives dedicated to addressing specific needs of underrepresented minorities in various disparate health-related areas.


Sr. Program Officer

"... The Center is the cornerstone for providing education to congregations and communities involving health issues..."